Stinger Stars

Critter cropped

Stinger Stars is my debut science fiction book, published Oct. 1, 2013, by Montag Press.

The story is about a young woman who discovers that the genetic research company she works for has accidentally created a sapient species. Well, okay, that’s not quite possible. Even humans are not created sapient–just with the capacity for sapience. They need to be taught. So look closely at the reflection in the critter’s eye.

When I started writing Stinger Stars, I never planned to write a First Contact story. In fact, I was 90% done with the manuscript before I realized that was exactly what I had done. You have to admit I snuck in the back door. Yes, every writer claims he was first to have an idea, but until someone proves otherwise, I’ll claim to be the first to write a First Contact story in which the non-human intelligence is man-made. Okay, okay! Excluding AI’s.

Enough teasing. Stinger Stars is available from Amazon in paperback and soon in e-book. (Click here.)

Oh, yes, and Hastings Bookstore in Conroe, Texas has agreed to carry my book.

BTW–if you’re a new or infrequent visitor, I recommend you scroll down and read the blogs in chronological order. They’ll make more sense that way.

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